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Thus, M^Clintock has proved, that the strait named by Kenedy in an earlier private expe- dition of Lady Franklin after his companion the brave Lieutenant Bellot, and which has hitherto been regarded only as an impassable frozen channel, or ignored as a channel at all, is a navigable strait, the south shore of which is thus seen to be the northernmost land of the continent of America. Again, when we turn from the discoveries of Frank Hn to those of M'Olintock, as mapped in red colours on the general map, on which is represented the amount of outline laid down by all other Arctic explorers from the days when these modern researches originated with Sir John Barrow, we perceive that, in addition to the discovery of the course followed by the ' Erebus ' and * Terror,' some most important geographical data have been accumulated by the last expedition of Lady Franklin.

Imbued with such feelings^ I must be per- c XX PKEFACE. Ditto — 74 The Greenlander's Supper appropriated by a Bear. Drawn hy Captain May — 156 The 'Fox' arriving at Beechey Island. — 171 M'Clintock in his Boat sailing through Bellot Strait. As a post of honour and of some difficulty it possessed quite sufficient charms for a naval officer who had already served in three consecutive expeditions from 1848 to 1854, I was thoroughly conversant with all the details of this peculiar service ; and I confess, moreover, that my whole heart was in the cause. PURCHASE OF THE * FOX.' 5 by whose united efforts not only the Franklin search, but the geography of Arctic America, has been brought so nearly to completion, I could not willingly resign to posterity, the honour of filling up even the small remaining blank upon our maps.

The latter discovery rewarded the individual exer- tions of Captain Allen Young, but will very properly, at Lady Franklin's request, bear the name of the leader of the ' Fox ' expedition, who had himself assigned to it the name of the widow of Franklin.* Neither has the expedition been unproductive of scientific results. Cause of delay in equipment — Fittings of the ' Fox ' — Volunteers for Arctic service — Assistance from public departments — Reflections upon the undertaking — Instructions and departure — Orkneys and Greenland — Fine Arctic scenery — Danish establishments in Greenland — Frederickshaab, in Davis' Straits. * As- sistance,* and by Captain Penny of the ^ Lady Franklin.' In October, 1854, Dr. Smith, of the Eoyal Exchange Buildings ; of Messrs. Westhrop, of Poplar ; all of whom placed their establishments at the service . THE CIVIL CORRESPONDENCE AND MEMO- RANDA OF FIELD-MAE SHAL THE DUKE OF WEL- LINGTON WHILE CHIEF SECRETARY FOR IRELAND, from 1807 to 1809.

M'Clintock has also laid down the hitherto unknown coast-line of Boothia, southwards from Bellot Strait to the Magnetic Pole, has deline- ated the whole of King William's Island, and of all modern Arctic enterprise, Sir John Barrow, to whom, and to many other eminent persons, from Sir Edward Parry downwards, I have in various Geographical Addresses offered the tribute of my admiration. xvii opened a new and capacious, though ice-choked channel, suspected before, but not proved, to exist, extending from Victoria Strait in a north- west direction to Melville or Parry Sound. d JOUENAL OF THE SEAKCH FOR SIR JOHN FRANKLIN- CHAPTEE I. ON THE ORIGIN OF SPECIES BY MEANS OF NATURAL SELECTION. A., Author of ' Naturalist's Voyage Round the World.' Post 8vo.

In writing this Preface (which I do at the request of the promoters of the last search), I may state that, having occupied the Chair of the Eoyal Greographical Society in 1845, when my cherished friend, Sir John Franklin, went forth for the third time to seek a North- West passage, it became my bounden duty in sub- sequent years, when his absence created much anxiety, and when I re-occupied the same posi- tion, ardently to promote the employment of searching expeditions, and warmly to sustain Lady Franklin's endeavours in this holy cause. v.— List of Subscribers to the ' Fox' Expedition .. Drawn hy Captain May — 71 A Funeral on the Ice — the effect of Paraselena (Mock Moons). It was not until April, 1857, that any decisive answer was given to Lady Franklin's appeal. 1.) Sir Charles Wood then stated " that the members of Her Majesty's Grovernment, having come, with great regret, to the conclusion that there was no prospect of saving life, would not be justified, for any objects which in their opinion could be obtained by an expedition to the Arctic seas, in exposing the lives of B 2 4 NOMINATION OF COMMANDEE. On the 18th April, 1857, Lady Franklin did me the honour to offer me the command of the proposed expedition, — it was of course most cheerfully accepted.

xix sagacions employer, there can be no doubt, that much more satisfactory results would have been obtained than those which, after a lapse of seven years, have now been realized by the undaunted perseverance of Lady Franklin, and the skill and courage of M^Olintock, The natural modesty of this commander has, I am bound to say, prevented his doing common justice, in the following journal, to his own con- duct — conduct which can be estimated by those only who have listened to the testimony of the officers serving with and under the man, whose great qualities in moments of extreme peril elicited their heartiest admiration and ensured their perfect confidence. — List of Relics of the Franklin Expedition brought to England in the * Fox ' by Captain M'Clintock 366 No. — Geological Account of the Arctic Archipelago, by Professor Haughton 372 No. , ) To face page ^ b KETCH Map of Arctic Eegions at the time of Franklin s LAST Expedition } Moonlight in the Arctic Eegions. The Government caused an exploring party t Q descend the Fish River in 1855 ; but, although sufficient traces were found to prove that some portion of the crews of the ' Erebus ' and * Terror ' had actually landed on the banks of that river, and traces existed of them up to Franklin Rapids, no additional information was obtained either from the discovery of records, Apr. Rae, and, in fact, of rendering the search complete by one more effort, involving but little of hazard or expense. officers and men to the risk inseparable from such an enterprise." Lady Frank Kn, upon this final disappoint- ment of her hopes, had no hesitation in im- mediately preparing to send out a searching expedition, equipped and stored at her own cost. Many friends of the cause — including some of the most distinguished scientific men in England, and especially Sir Roderick Murchison, whose zeal was as practical as it was enlightened — hastened to tender their aid, and soon a very considerable sum was raised in furtherance of so truly noble an effort.

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